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Sky Meadow Bakery at  home


We wanted to share some of our baking tips that might help you with your baking at home, whether that's for one of our fabulous baking kits or a recipe you are trying out.  We will keep adding more as they come up.  


If you have a specific question, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page and we shall try and help!


Filling a piping bag can be a fiddly job, often with you needing a spare pair of hands; the solution is a tall glass!

Turn the top of your piping bag inside out by about half - this keeps the edge of the bag from getting messy but also means your bag is sturdier.  Then place the pointed end into a glass so it stands up, leaving you free to hold a bowl and a spatula to spoon your filling in.  Once filled, pull the edges of the piping bag back up and twist to tightly close.

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